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Scuba & Chill is your trusted diving center. We focus on offering high-quality and personalized aquatic programs and activities thanks to our small groups of 4 people. We try to ensure that divers have the best possible experience of diving with us. Hence our name. “Dive and relax.”

We don’t like crowds. We also don’t like activities done in a hurry. We provide personalized attention and we like to take our time to enjoy the sea that surrounds us and to learn the best techniques to dive in a responsible, safe, environmentally friendly and, above all, fun way.

Business philosophy


Scuba & Chill was created to train responsible and safe divers. We create professional requirements that allow us to achieve a healthy diving environment, where our divers learn to self-manage to be able to dive anywhere in the world in the safest way possible. This is our success.


We assume responsibility with nature and the environment. It is a priority to protect the marine life that surrounds us. We are involved in reef restoration and actively support the PADI AWARE project. Our commitment includes concrete actions to reduce the ecological footprint.


We want to make known the hidden beauties of the Caribbean Sea, without giving up the comforts and tourist opportunities that Bávaro offers. For this reason, we consider that it is feasible to enjoy the comforts of both places without giving up any of them, and to give this opportunity Scuba & Chill was born.

Get to know our team!

Javier Miguélez González

Javier Miguélez began diving at the age of 10 on a small island in the Caribbean Sea. His passion for the sea awoke at a very young age. At 17 years old he decided to study a degree in Oceanography and Marine Sciences at the Catholic University of Valencia, Spain (his hometown).

The internship during the last year of his degree was done in the Dominican Republic, where he actively participated in coral reef restoration among other activities. On his return to Spain, he specialized in choirs. During his studies he increased his diving training until he became an instructor. He worked several diving seasons in Spain and decided to take a trip to the Dominican Republic to continue discovering the Caribbean.

A few years later he is a Partner, Manager and Instructor of Scuba & Chill. And his concern to continue learning and improving continues.

Paola Espinosa

Paola Espinosa is an Argentine engineer who found her true passion in the sea and diving during a trip to the Dominican Republic in 2000.

After completing her studies in Argentina, she immersed herself in the Patagonian waters of Puerto Madryn to obtain her Divemaster certificate, later advancing to be a PADI instructor and specializing in Utila, a Honduran island.

Determined to share her love of diving, she settled in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic, where she teaches others this exciting sport, teaches courses, and guides certified divers through the underwater wonders of this Caribbean destination.

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